Crazy dreamer

As I unpack my boxes, I am combing through my life.

And as I am diligently offloading anything that doesn't need to to stay (and sorting out my internet connection - apologies for missed post!) it's nice to take a bit of time to appreciate the things which are precious.

An old boyfriend gave me this book. It's a 19th Century edition of Don Quixote, with utterly fantastic illustrations by Gustave Doré.

'Keep believing in your dreams,' says the card inside, 'even if everyone else thinks your crazy.'



A person in boxes

Everything I own has been packed into a million boxes.

Yesterday was hectic. Today I will be moving to a new place, to begin a new era.

Living in an age where we often define ourselves by what we own, it's been interesting to go through all the things have collected and, more interestingly, decided to keep. There's a lot of stuff with some sentimental value - a tenuous link to some memory or other.

Quite overwhelmingly though, I've had a feeling of wanting to cast it all off. To clear my space and psyche of 'stuff' that could be weighing me down in more ways that one. I plan to be quite brutal when unpacking at the other end.

There's this idea that in the end, you can't take any of your possessions with you... so maybe it's time to think about some ideas of defining Who I Am without the accoutrements to prop up a self-image.



A magpie's treasure

A friend of mine is a magpie with excellent taste.

She collects children's illustrated books that she finds in charity shops. She has found some amazing gems.

I have consistently forgotten the check the children's books in charity shops for years now, but of course, what a wonderful resource for inspiration.

My friend's most recent find is a book called 'Romany Free', published in 1974. The story, written by Robert Vavra, has been woven around paintings by the artist Fleur Cowles.

I have been loaned the book to have a look through, and the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.