Horse play

'What were the chances she picked the same one as him? He is killing himself laughing.'


I smiled when this message from my client pinged into my phone. With her sunny curls and cornflower blue eyes, Georgina likes things calm, peaceful and serene. Which may explain her attraction to her husband Pablo – dark, with flashing fiery eyes and a bold, Columbian spirit.

Georgina and Pablo have commissioned me to paint a Pegasus for their family, and so once we had decided on the size and orientation of the canvas, I sent them some rough sketches to choose from, which would help me to start building the composition.

'My daughter is so like my husband,' says Georgina, 'I just knew they would both go for the 'wild' one whereas I picked the more free and relaxed pose.'

'Well,' I said, 'maybe a person's preferences in art open up a little window into their soul.'

Georgina has relented – this Pegasus is going to be a wild one.



Party trick

I took a sketchbook to a post-wedding party this weekend.


With cocktail in hand, I perused the room and sought out little moments to capture.

I didn't get down everything I wanted to, but hopefully enough.

I tied the sketchbook up in a white ribbon and left it on the gift table.



Dazzling footlights

The train is hurtling through the night, its wheels clacketing over the rails.


I’m traveling home from London, after a breathtaking evening filled with fishnet stockings, glittery eyeshadow and wigs.

I was at La Soirée, a fabulous new cabaret show at London’s Aldwych Theatre, which a friend of mine has produced.

Afterwards, backstage, I met some of the cast. All of them were lean, bright-eyed and surprisingly gentle and humble compared to their larger-than-life stage personas. They seemed genuinely thrilled that I had enjoyed the show, despite their assorted niggles of sore throats, tiredness or dodgy knees. But for me, their performances had been full of magic.

I watched them head out of the stage door and disappear into the night in search of a pub.

And I thought to myself, the best that any of us can do is to work on shining our magic, and do our best to spread a little inspiration, despite our sore throats, tiredness or dodgy knees...