Dancing in the Rain

Hello everyone. I am recently back from a spell of working in London at the city’s dance theatre, Sadler’s Wells. When I lived in London, I practically moved into Sadler’s Wells because I am such a huge dance fan (can’t you tell from my work?!) So it was fun for me to experience ‘the dark side’ of the place.  I was working on a production called See The Music, Hear The Dance, which comprised four short dance pieces by four different companies – and each piece was created to music by the contemporary classical composer Thomas Adés. Adés himself was in attendance, conducting the Britten Sinfonia and playing the piano. (Although, disappointingly, not at the same time.)

My favourite performance of the evening – and also my favourite piece of music – were both called Polaris. The movement was choreographed by Crystal Pite and I was utterly stunned by it.

Here is a short introduction to Crystal Pite and her work – interesting to hear that she has an association with William Forsythe, one of my other favourite choreographers!

And if you have about 38 minutes spare, here is Ms. Pite giving a talk about conflict in creativity – most interesting – technical challenges with her computer notwithstanding!

Anyway, I am now back in the studio with the rain lashing against the windows - most days it seems, at the moment! I am cracking on with my Traviata commission – I will show you pictures of it once it has been completed. I want to make sure the lady I am creating it for will be happy with it first.

This past weekend I was in London again, teaching my friend Danny Lambo how to paint a portrait. We were being filmed for his TV show, Danny’s World. I’ve never tried teaching anyone before and it was a very interesting experience – making me more aware of my own practices, rituals and habits that unconsciously come into play when I am creating a piece. Here I am observing Danny’s efforts:

Danny's pic.jpg

In other news, it’s looking about 98% certain that I will get another mural commission for the City of Brighton. We have all the sponsorship and permissions in place,  just a few more boxes to tick before I can announce the official fan fair.


OK – diary time – here are my up-coming exhibitions!

Goldstone is a new gallery, opening in Hove THIS FRIDAY 14th. Three of my pieces will be on display alongside other artists. Treats are in store for those who show up on the 14th, but the paintings will be up for longer.


I will also be exhibiting in another group show at The Keizer Gallery in Lewes, launching on November 22nd. For the first time ever, prints of my work will be available at this show!

Once again, the charity bi-annual fundraiser exhibition Stars on Canvas has rolled around. The idea is that all the contributing artists (some of them quite are quite famous!) donate a painting on a canvas sized 20cm x 20cm, and you can bid for the paintings in an online auction. The exhibition is being held at The Hub, Heddon Street, London W1B – but it’s only open for four days, so you’ll have to be quick. All the details you’ll need are on their website –  http://starsoncanvas.org.uk/ - can you spot my 2012 contribution on their homepage??

Alright, that's it for now folks - don't forget, you can also keep up with me at https://www.facebook.com/pearlbatescreates and https://twitter.com/PearlBates - I'll check in with you again soon...