We have no idea what the future is going to be like – even in just five years' time.

And the solution to this conundrum, is creativity.

The problem is, creativity is massively undervalued in Western education and in our culture. It gets educated out of us. 

These ideas aren't my own – I have pinched them from Sir Ken Robinson, and if you haven't seen his TED talk on this subject, I suggest you go and check it out, post haste. I have pasted a link at the bottom of this message.

One of the points that Robinson raises, is that in order for creativity to work, you have to not be afraid of making mistakes.

And one of the things I've discovered about sharing work in progress on social media etc, is that I'm sharing work that's not finished – not cooked – still in its underpants.

It's proving to be a lesson to me in learning to get comfortable with the process again.

To reconcile with myself that things will be messy, wrong, and frustrating before they will start going right.

Watching my young nephew with his paintbrush, I'm inspired by his utter fearlessness.

There is no concept of 'getting it wrong' – only of discovery.

Something to keep in mind.