Secret spaces

Today's message comes to you from an amazing, secret, magical place.

I'm in my Dad's writing studio, where his best-selling books were created – I've been granted permission! The studio is tucked away deep among the trees at the bottom of the garden, and as such, hasn't been used for a couple of months.

But I was in need of a desk with an internet connection today, and so I set off through the wet grass and leaf litter with a torch and a key.

Behind the creaking wooden door, I found a small but beautiful space. Bookcases neatly stacked with amazing books line the walls, a few trinkets of personal meaning sit on a broad, inviting table, and spiders lurk in every corner.

If struck me how, if you have a creative practice, it's important to keep some kind of space set aside for that special work. Even if all you can manage is a beautiful pencil case with your favourite pencil inside – that's a powerful message to yourself, and also to your creative muse. It's a signal that the work you do has value to you, and that you intend to make room in your life to nurture it and to grow the magic.


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