Sleeping gatekeepers

Being a night owl, I was up half the night, even though I had a twelve-and-a-half hour call at the theatre the next day.

I paid the price – coffee didn't touch the sides!

But once the day was done and I was back home, I found my spun-out mind could effortlessly travel to wondrous places, unfettered by the incessant chatter and noise that an awake and focussed brain can throw at you.

So I Googled: when is the best time of day for creative work?

Turns out, if you're a night owl, it's early morning. And if you're a lark, it's late at night. Basically, whenever your brain is fuzzy, it seems the gatekeepers to your imagination are looking the other way.

My heart sinks at the thought of it, but maybe I should try setting the alarm for a little earlier...


The Gatekeeper.jpg