Miss Mermaid

Cities definitely have personalities, in my opinion.

The makers of the TV show Sex and The City have always asserted that the fourth character of the show was the city of New York itself.

So when I was commissioned to paint a mural for the city of Brighton, I had to have a think about what kind of character could best represent the diverse, alternative and creative nature of the place.

I came up with a cheeky, sexy mermaid, lounging on the beach in front of the famous pier.

The mural was completed some time ago, and she adorned a wall in the centre of town for four years before being illegally painted over by a graffiti artist – but that's what you risk with public art!

I thought Miss Mermaid was gone forever, until some friends discovered a giant photograph of the piece in the foyer of the Harbour Hotel, where, apparently, she is well received by guests. And that makes me happy.


Photos by Kieron O'Connor

Photos by Kieron O'Connor