Panther lady

The UK doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, but my mum is American, and so we had a little Thanksgiving dinner.

After dinner, my dad wanted to show me something he had recorded on the TV for me. It was a Jonathon Ross interview with Grace Jones.

When she made her entrance, all dressed in black, she was 100% fabulous as the audience applauded her. They were only seconds into the interview when Jones suddenly sprang up onto Ross's desk, snarling like a panther as she swiped at his face.

'Oh!' she cried as she settled back into her seat, laughing. 'My heart!'

'Well what about mine?' countered Ross. 'I nearly shat myself!'

What an inspiration she is. Endlessly creative, endlessly pushing the boundaries, always authentic.

I'll have some of whatever she's having.


Grace Jones.png