A trip with paint

A trip with paint


Fuelled by cheesy but heartfelt 80's pop ballads, I reach for the crimson red.

I have no plan in mind as I begin to swirl it into the Prussian Blue corners and edges of my canvas. Easing away the flatness of the blue. Building up layers of depth, veils of light and dark.

As I work further up the height of the canvas, I make sure the coverage is lighter – a rougher brush, drier spots of paint on the bristles.

Something about forging together different realms, perhaps – capturing a a moment where deep imagination and dreaming meets with raw day, concrete, noise.

I add in some purple at the lower levels of the painting, bringing that red back down in line with the blue again, but this time a little more... how to put it... lyrical? Vivacious? Not really sure, but the purple comes out brighter than I had expected. It inspires something new I hadn't thought of – a blazing line of fiery orange across the width of the canvas, lighting up like a fizzing lit fuse behind my figure's ankles.

The orange quickly seeps into the blue and purple though, so I work to spark it up again with lemon yellow. This particular tube has a chalky, uncompromising character to it. But again, the orange is behaving heavy and sluggish, so I'm going to stop here and let it dry. It'll be easier to boss around when its no longer fluid and sliding.

Time to write.