Angel With Lute

I had a poster of this painting on my wall when I was a teenager.

I remember a friend of mine coming over to visit me. I felt this friend was quite a bit cooler than me, because she was older, had multi-coloured dreadlocks and wore very tiny shorts.

She was in my room, and for some reason I felt embarrassed about the Angel With Lute poster, and so I made a disparaging joke about it.

'Why?' she said. 'I think it's lovely.'

And I remember feeling a bit taken aback. In the same moment, I was impressed that she liked the painting, and I was impressed with myself for having something I didn't realise was 'cool' on my wall. It was a lesson in learning to trust my own judgement.

An interesting thing about art is that it can reveal aspects of people - including yourself - that you didn't know. 

I recently found this poster while helping my dad clear out his attic. I'm going to put it up again. 


Angel With Lute  by Rosso Forentino 

Angel With Lute by Rosso Forentino