Burning bright

Yesterday I read an obituary for the incredible theatre designer, Paul Brown.


I worked on four of the six productions he designed for Glyndebourne – Hippolyte et Ariace (partly set inside a giant refrigerator), The Fairy Queen, Don Giovanni and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

All of these shows were visually spectacular – and I really mean it – I'm talking totally breathtaking.

It was such an inspiration to hang about in the wings and catch a glimpse of the mind-bending magic unfolding onstage, and to be a part of the backstage mechanics.

Brown passed away suddenly at his home in Wales, having been diagnosed with cancer, at the age of 57.

Well. You know what they say about the light that burned twice as bright.

With gratitude to Paul, for the magic and the genius.

(Link for the article: http://bit.ly/2Albjul)


Paul Brown.JPG