Horse play

'What were the chances she picked the same one as him? He is killing himself laughing.'


I smiled when this message from my client pinged into my phone. With her sunny curls and cornflower blue eyes, Georgina likes things calm, peaceful and serene. Which may explain her attraction to her husband Pablo – dark, with flashing fiery eyes and a bold, Columbian spirit.

Georgina and Pablo have commissioned me to paint a Pegasus for their family, and so once we had decided on the size and orientation of the canvas, I sent them some rough sketches to choose from, which would help me to start building the composition.

'My daughter is so like my husband,' says Georgina, 'I just knew they would both go for the 'wild' one whereas I picked the more free and relaxed pose.'

'Well,' I said, 'maybe a person's preferences in art open up a little window into their soul.'

Georgina has relented – this Pegasus is going to be a wild one.