The fine print

A friend of mine had all her Christmas shopping done and wrapped by the end of October.


I'm not such a seasonal Speedy Gonzales.

I have a few gifts in the bag, so to speak, but truth be told, I'm still looking for ways to try and get into the festive spirit. I think it's OK to take your time with things like this though. You can gracefully saunter into it all on Christmas Eve, sherry in hand, and you won't have missed anything important.

If you're looking for unusual and unique gift ideas though, maybe I can take this opportunity to point you in the direction of my print store – there's a link at the bottom of this message. I'll be reviewing all my prices in the new year, so if you like my work, this could be a good time to pick something up.

OK – so is it still too soon to crack open the stilton?