Dancing up a storm

My life was changed on my eighteenth birthday...

 …by art. Specifically, it was a ballet piece called, In The Middle, Somewhat Elevated. It was created by the American choreographer William Forsythe for my favourite dancer, Sylvie Guillem.

I was an odd teenager, which would explain why I was at The Royal Opera House rather than the pub but my goodness, I wouldn't change a thing.

I'd never been to The Royal Opera house before – in fact, I had never seen a performance by a world class company like The Royal Ballet before. But I'd read an article about Ms Guillem and seen some photos of her extraordinary legs, and I was intrigued.

And so, I found myself ensconced in the red velvet and gold-gilt cocoon of the the ROH auditorium. I can still remember the sense of hushed anticipation that fell over the audience as the lights dimmed, and the famous curtains swept back to reveal a bare, dark stage. I even recall the faint smell of cleaning solution wafting out to us.

And then... the goosebumps. Followed by a feeling of being catapulted into the next universe. 

I'm really excited to discover that the English National Ballet will be performing this piece again this spring. And so, if you haven't heard of him before, I'd like to introduce you to one of my favourite artists, William Forsythe.

The link below will take you a three minute clip from In The Middle on YouTube. Enjoy!


William Forsythe 

William Forsythe