Ms. Prunella

The heels of her red satin slippers clacked on the hallway tiles.

As she made her way to the front door, she tied her dressing gown belt into a fumbled knot at her waist.

She certainly hadn't expected anyone to have rung the bell on this wet Thursday morning – especially not at this hour.

Squinting up ahead at the door, she could see a motionless figure waiting on the other side of the stained glass depiction of tulips.

She hesitated on the door mat, and let out a quiet expletive as she ran a self conscious hand through her bed hair. Then she cleared her throat, reached out and pulled open the door.

'Hell-' she stopped short, taken aback by the polished, immaculate figure standing there in a perfect white dress.

'Ms. Prunella?' asked the stranger, her voice as smooth as a pecan nut shell.


The stranger handed Ms. Prunella a small white envelope, turned, and walked away.

Stunned, Ms. Prunella stood in the doorway for a moment with the envelope in her hand, staring after the stranger. Then she looked down at the envelope. She turned it over and tore open the seal with her thumbnail. She pulled out a smooth white card, imprinted with elegant, glossy black lettering. It read,

'Sometimes the Universe says yes.'