Fragile horizons

I never put my own paintings up on my walls.

 That would keep me 'stuck' – my relationship with a painting or drawing comes to an end when the piece is completed, and then it's time to move onto the next one.

I think maybe that's part of what it means to be a creator (as we all are) – to resist the temptation to stay in a place where you feel safe, and to keep pushing those boundaries. It's about enjoying the journey of discovery and the process, rather than the destination.

Trusting that even more wonderful experiences may be around the next corner.

To be honest, I'm a sentimental sap, and I do like to cherish things that bring back happy memories.

And while there's nothing wrong with that, perhaps I try to hold onto non-tangible things too, energy-wise... I'm wondering if it might be worth having a go at seeing my 'bigger' life in the same way that I see my art journey...