The other reality

'I could see in between the spaces of time.'

It was a freezing cold summer's night in England, and I was at an after-opera party, standing in a star-lit back garden.

Clutching a strawberry flavoured beer (not particularly recommended), I listened as an American opera singer regaled us with some of his drugs experiences.

'It was as if reality was printed on film, you know? And I could see between the frames and into another reality that was, like, beyond.'

I sometimes feel that it's our construct of time and 'reality' that is the non-truth here – a false wall to keep us from seeing that other reality that is beyond.

I believe that part of the artist's job is to reach out to that other reality, and pull it forward through the 'spaces of time', to remind us of what is really real.

And, as The Troggs singer Reg Presley once said, 'I wrote that on a cup of tea, mate.'