Behind the mask

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players
William Shakespeare 

I've been thinking about the masks that we wear every day. Apparently we all have about eight different 'personalities', and the company we are with, dictates which one we will choose to inhabit.

So, who is the 'real' you? Maybe there isn't one. Perhaps you've just spun a character (or several) around the energy that is the essence of you.

There's a lot of talk around 'authenticity' these days. To 'be real'. But personally, I like the way none of us are fixed. We are fluid creatures, living an adventure of dreams (with thanks to Alan Watts for that lovely turn of phrase).

It's precisely this 'slippery-ness' of character that I like to explore in my work. To ponder, visually, about who we choose to inhabit as we slip between characters and personalities.

Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare, but I don't think there's anything 'merely' about it!