Surprising deceptions

Yesterday I wrote about the moon and her friend, the little star.

I'd like to say, many thanks to Juliane and Tony, who both wrote to tell me that that little star was, in fact, Jupiter – the largest planet in our solar system!

With Tony's permission, I'm going to share with you what he wrote, because I think his observation is so poignant and true:

I walked home thinking of the beautiful large bright moon and the apparently tiny, dim Jupiter behind it as a good metaphor for how some things are in life, and with particularly people. People are not always as we first perceive them.  Bubbly, shiny people may have their own private things that they are wrestling with, despite their glow.  Maybe seemingly small, quiet, unassuming specks of light as people, might actually turn out to be massively powerful people that pull you with a gravity that you never imagined?  



'Moon Spell', commissioned by Rob. If you'd like to enquire about commissioning a painting for yourself, hit the button below and let me know what your thoughts are!