Childish things

I used to hate Picasso's work.

But then an ex-gangster took it upon himself to educate me. 'You can't call yourself an ahh'ist and not like Picasso,' he snarled. And so he introduced me to the Picasso museum in Barcelona.

Picasso is famously quoted as saying, 'It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child',

This weekend, my nephew invited me around to his new house for tea. The house was in the countryside, and the views from the front windows were lovely. He offered me several kinds of unusual tea, including strawberry, which is what I opted for. We also had orange and chocolate cookies.

Then the neighbours - a pair of flies – also popped round to join us for tea. Turns out, these fly neighbours have their very own tiny toy diggers that they love to play with.

Well, you've guessed it - my nephew is just three years old, his house is a tent in the garden, and everything (apart from the flies) was effortlessly spun from his imagination.

It's interesting to take a moment and have a think about what we are aiming for, when we try to create magic.