The magic bus

One of the most magical moments of my life happened to me when

It was about ten years ago in London.

It must have been around this time of the year, because I was sitting at the front of the top floor on an old Routemaster double-decker, looking at all the cherry blossom wending its way past the windows.

We were precariously weaving our way through the crooked streets of Stoke Newington, when I suddenly had the feeling that some kind of invisible sunshine had broken through and was shining on me.

Looking around, I could see that everything – everything – was a miracle.

It wasn't an out-of-body experience, but I did have a momentary appreciation for everything that was happening around the planet at that moment.

I thought about people in far away countries who have zero awareness that I exist, perhaps also riding on a bus... and it somehow made me feel happy.

I don't often spontaneously have moments like this, especially when I'm wrapped up in worries or frustrations. But perhaps it's something that can be cultivated :)