Painting the town with flowers

 'You need to hold the can at a forty-five degree angle, and spray with short, light strokes.'

Street artist S.O.S has designed a gorgeous mural, Dreaming In Flowers, for an event that was part of the Chelsea Flower Show Fringe.

She enlisted the fabulous street artist REQ to help her – and yesterday today I also assisted.

I helped to run a kids' spray painting workshop that S.O.S. had set up alongside her mural piece, teaching the basics of how to hold the cans and change the caps, choose colours and use stencils.

The kids were great - some were more confident than others in their creative ability, but it was lovely to see the magic in their eyes when they peeled back their stencils and saw their own piece of artwork revealed to them. 

My contribution to the mural was minimal as I am new to using spray cans, but I'm looking forward to doing a spray painting masterclass with REQ soon.

Watch this space!