Lion heart

Courage – what does it take to just dive in?

My lovely friend Jan, a fellow artist, came round to my studio to talk about art today.

We talked about mediums, materials, processes... how to get started with something, how to deal with challenges.

Jan and I have very different styles when it comes to artwork, but as I always find with creative types, its amazing to discover how much we have in common.

There is always this idea in the back your head that everyone else knows what they're doing while you're just muddling through.

But to a degree, everyone's bluffing – you just need to find the courage to give things a go.

Personally, when it comes to creating a piece of art, I've never been too bothered if something goes wrong or doesn't come out right. I just try it again, knowing that I will have learned something along the way.

'And that's when the magic happens, isn't it?' said Jan.