Remembering Arachne

It seems the summer has brought with it a rash of spiders.

According to Greek legend, we have Athena to thank for spiders. She transformed the Goddess Arachne into the leggy little creature after she had challenged Athena to a weaving contest – it is unclear who actually won.

And now my house, and the backstage areas at the opera house, are apparently awash with many varieties of Goddess Arachne.

I caused utter uproar when I inadvertently brought one about the size of a spaceship into the dressing room corridors – it was hiding on my dress.

And then, when I was sorting through some bookshelves, I found an old arachnid-themed college theatre project.

I think the idea had been to try to express the battle between nature and humans by creating a giant spider onstage... or something like that.

Well, I remember the project as technically challenging, but fun.

My relationship with spiders is better than it used to be, but it's still an uncomfortable one.

However, I have to admire their artistic abilities when it comes to spinning their magical webs – luckily, none of them have challenged me to a weaving contest (yet).