Stories in the stars

In the middle of the night, I trekked up over the local hills with a friend.

It was the summer solstice, and it made sense to mark the occasion with a connection to nature.

It was a dark, moonless night, and a curious mist swirled around us in a way that made it feel as though we were walking through a magical painting.

After a strenuous climb up a steep hill (for me, not my martial-arts-student friend) we took a moment to turn around, sit down in the scrubby grass and admire the view.

The town glimmered far below us, while above us, the sky was strewn with countless, silent stars.

'It's weird isn't it,' I said, 'to think that we're looking at light that no longer exists.' He agreed.

'Do you think that light from the Earth is travelling out into space, endlessly projecting images from our past?'

'For sure! I've often wondered if there could ever be a way to time travel through capturing light,' he replied.

I sat for a moment, thinking about the silent films of our lives spinning on endlessly through the stars... whoa!