Silk and iron

I feel very lucky to live near the sea.

Every time I walk along the beach, it feels as though I am wandering through the most perfect work of art.

The other evening, the colours in the sky were amazing.

Recently, I've been going through a phase of working in bright, intense, brash colours – there's fun in their loud vibrancy.

But the colours in this sky – ethereal, watercolour-like hues of mauve, rose, peach and taupe, brought me back around to ideas of a gentler persuasion.

The delicate colours here, offset by the remains of the West Pier and the gold disc of the moon are just wonderful.

I haven't really managed to capture it in a photo, but maybe in a painting...! I probably wouldn't set out to try and recreate this image as that's not my style. But the mood, textures, colours and juxtaposition of softness with strength will certainly inform some ideas.