Catching eyes

Apparently, in Japan, it's considered rude to wear sunglasses.


This is because it's unnerving for others when they can't see your eyes, and makes you difficult to read. (Celebrities and idiot Westerners, however, are allowed to flout the sunglasses rule.)

I love sunglasses – I love to wear them and I love the look of them on other people. I even like the look of cars with pop-up headlights – that sort of 'blind' effect when they are down is interesting to me.

And I also love to draw and paint people in sunglasses. The character keeps something to themselves – or is clearly hiding behind something. They have bought into a fashion item that they think will make them look or be perceived in a certain way.

However I know that some people have difficulty connecting with a drawing or a painting of someone wearing sunglasses.

This is another sketch for a painting idea, but I think I will leave the sunglasses decision until the last minute...