Moving the cosmos

'Paint? … PAINT?? I do not paint! I move the Earth! I move the stars! I move the cosmos!'

My dad's lovely friend Professor Michael Tucker had telephoned the Norwegian artist Frans Widerberg, and innocently asked him if he had been doing any painting that day.

The two had become friends, and one of Widerberg's amazing pieces features on the cover of Tucker's book, 'Dreaming With Open Eyes'.

While working on my own latest painting the other night, Widerberg's paintings began to swim before my eyes.

I absolutely love his use of vivid colour and the way his works are charged with a most fantastic, fiery, other-worldly energy. I can well imagine that working on paintings like these would feel like moving the cosmos!

I was saddened to learn through my Google search that Widerberg passed away this April.
But his stunning, incandescent paintings are a legacy that he can be proud of.


'Himmelrytteren' by Frans Widerberg

'Himmelrytteren' by Frans Widerberg