Cardamom underwear

So my new painting is now in her underwear – I have blocked in the base layer of colour.


I don't yet know what skin tone she will have, but yellow seemed like a good place to start, especially as I want to channel some inspiration from Frans Widerberg.

The Cardamom Yellow was the only tube I could unscrew the cap on, so that's the one we went for.

I'm not sure yet if the background will be abstract or if there will be suggestions of an urban environment, but a red wash for the base of the background felt like the way to go.

(The cap snapped off my tube of Cadmium Red – if this happens to you, cling film will keep your paint from drying out!)

I'm temporarily without a studio so am working from my living room. I had this piece laid out on the floor but I think for more detailed layers, this is not going to work for me. So tomorrow I will fetch my easel out from storage.