Treasure hunt

'It's in locker number 31. A parcel for you.'

The text message was cryptic.

A colleague was safe-keeping a gift for me.

The next time I was in the opera house, I couldn't find locker 31. I went up and down flights of stairs, all along the corridors, in and out of the costume store, and I checked two kitchens.

Finally, hidden behind a rail of costumes, I found a small stack of green lockers. And inside number 31, was a brown paper parcel with my name on it.

Inside the parcel was a book called Write for Life, by Nicki Jackowska. It was a gift from an actor, Gowan.

I've also been loaned another book, The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins, from Lee, who plays the tuba in the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

I feel so touched that people have gone out of their to bring me these books – little bits of wisdom and inspiration that I can't wait to get stuck into.

I guess it goes to show that when you talk to people about your passions, they very often will want to help you.