In and out of the real world

I am going to be doing a little modelling job tomorrow.


Basically, this means I haven't been able to eat anything for about two weeks. But I went to a fitting the other day and all the clothes fit - phew! 


The place where the shoot is happening is very magical. You wouldn't even know it's there.


You turn off the main street, and head down a tiny brick alley. 


Eventually, you come across an innocuous little door set into a Grafitti-smothered wall.


On the other side of this door is a gorgeous little courtyard and a beautiful house that's full of streaming sunlight, amazing Victorian oddities and endless boxes of fabulous clothes. 


Fashion people are very different to theatre people - it's a different kind of creativity, which is interesting to observe. I think it might come down to the fact that fashion people are creating magic that's got to go out into the real world, whereas theatre people are creating magic that's got to pull people in from the real world.


I'll let you know how it goes!