Double-edged sword

'You're about to cut someone's f***ing balls off!'


I had the interesting experience of being photographed for a fashion shoot yesterday, and the director was leaping around in a splendid pair of shoes, shouting directions and inspiration.

I was wielding around a shotgun and an antique sword, dressed in outlandish Victorian-inspired garb, my face daubed in white paint.

Maybe this isn't a good thing – but I can tell you, there is definitely something empowering that comes with brandishing large weapons!

It's made me think about accoutrements of power and the illicit thrill that they can bring.

Perhaps sometimes they are weapons, other times maybe a dog or a mean-looking car, a pair of lethally spiked shoes, a flick of eyeliner...

I was reminded of an old sketch I drew while listening to a track called Swords by Leftfield.

I managed to find it and have posted it below.