Moon spell

Apparently, something amazing happened in the cosmos yesterday.

'Just absolutely awesome! I mean, beyond any expectations! It was so surreal!' said a woman on the news from Kentucky.

Smothered under under a thick layer of morose cloud, however, the UK didn't get to see much of it. 'Britons left underwhelmed by partial solar eclipse', intoned the glum online headlines.

Even so, it was fun to look at pictures on the internet of crowds of people gazing skywards in their special black googles, having a magical experience.

An eclipse only happens every now and again – but the sun coming up every morning and the stars coming out every night are no less of a magical miracle. It might sound trite but it's true.

I love to look at the moon and always marvel at how beautiful and mysterious it is. No wonder there is so much folklore spun around it.

Below is a commission I undertook a few years ago, called 'Moon Spell'.


Moon Spell.jpg