New horizons

So I'm off to The Royal Albert Hall tonight!

Glyndebourne are taking their show La Clemenza di Tito to London for the Proms, and I will be helping out backstage. I'm excited!

I have to say, I come from a lifetime of listening to rock, pop and dance music, and it took five years of working on opera shows before the art-form began to have an effect on me. And now when I listen to opera or classical music in general, I can often think to myself... hm, maybe I am beginning to 'get it'!

I have had the goose-bump moments, the beautiful lurches of the spirit and yes, even tears.

It's probably the same for all kinds of art – painting, literature, dance – we enjoy what is most familiar to us.

So maybe give yourself some time with art-forms or artists that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable for you. Put aside your preconceptions and see if maybe, just maybe, you could get into something different...

If you're in the UK and you're interested, they'll be broadcasting our show live this evening on BBC Radio 3 at 7pm.