Magic antennae

'The perfect way to write a song is to dream it. But that only happens once in anybody's lifetime,' said Kieth Richards.

'There are songs floating through the air right now... I really look upon myself as more of a kind of antenna rather than, you know, I created this. I wrote this. I think that would be a little bit presumptuous. My best description of it would be that you're there at the right time and the right place, and this idea will come in.'

I've been really working on the antenna today. There have been a couple of rushes of clarity – some bright bursts of colour and insight, but for the most part, the signals have been a bit vague and unintelligible.

And so I advise myself to 'stay cool', keep things playful, and try not to get in my own way.

I'll paste a link to the Kieth Richards interview – it's about fifteen minutes long.