My friend Colin

I'd like to introduce you to Colin.

He is quite notorious in my town, with a propensity for loitering around the far end of the main street, where a friend of mine has a shop. When he is not lying in the sun by the side of the pavement, he makes regular visits to see his friends in various local establishments.

He is pretty aged – at 15 years, he would be about 80 if he was a human (according to a special 'cat years' calculator I found on Google.)

Just a few months ago, poor Colin was hit by a car. He sustained a broken pelvis among other injuries, and his lovely owner was distraught.

However, it turns out that Colin is made of sturdy stuff, and appears to have a full recovery.

While I was having a cup of tea with my friend who has the shop this weekend, Colin wondered in to say hi, with a meow that sounds a bit like a goose honk.

I looked down at him and noticed how he walked with such a languid kind of a stroll. He sat down and took a long, careful look around him, making sure to take everything in, before asking my friend if he could sit on her lap. He didn't seem traumatised or anguished in any way.

And I said to my friend, 'Aren't animals wonderful teachers about being in the moment?'

Next time I am feeling stressed or anxious or ruminating over past 'injuries', I'll try to think of Colin instead!