The magic of childhood fantasy

The rain has been flinging itself against the windows almost unrelentingly, it seems.

The January skies, in this corner of the world, have been leaden and heavy.
So it has been nice to absorb myself in a painting that’s full of light. To crack open my pots of iridescent gold, and mix up hues of blue sky from my tubes of Cobalt and Cyan.
I would never have chosen to create a painting of Pegasus under my own steam, but that’s the beauty of commissions. Sometimes you get thrown a little curve ball – a chance to tackle something that’s slightly out of your comfort zone.
This piece was commissioned for a nine-year-old’s bedroom wall.
I remember nine. Unicorns were a big part of it. Along with unfettered flights of fancy, where the boundaries between dreams and reality were still blurred. It was so easy, and thrilling, to believe in magic. I had the slightly smug feeling that I had the keys to a fabulous childhood kingdom of fantasy that adults, with their dulled and tired minds, could no longer remember.
Well guess what, nine-year-old me – I remember!! And I bet I’ve still got that key somewhere, too…


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