Magic of the monkey mind

The force has been strong with me this week.


The force that they call…. Procrastination.

I have watched myself with almost appalled admiration as I busted through all sorts of chores and tasks that needed doing – except for the one thing that I wanted to get sorted, which was to work through some plot problems on a story I am writing.

I even went so far as to go into town and buy a handheld vacuum cleaner for my drawing rubbings. (The ultimate extravagance – but also – TOTALLY AMAZING.)

My current favourite guru, Benjamin Hardy, says the skill of being able to focus on deep work, without distraction, is becoming increasingly rare. It’s been a revelation to notice how hyperactive my monkey mind really is.

So last night I sat myself down at my desk, with the intention of not getting up again until my task was done.

For fully three hours I scrambled for other stuff to keep busy with, until I realised that I was afraid I would not be able to solve my plot problems. So it wasn’t laziness – it was something else.

I then had the brainwave of drawing out the issues on a big piece of paper and working everything out visually, which is how I got myself to remember things for exams as a student.

And, after a few more hours, I found some answers. And it wasn’t painful at all.

I shall try to keep this in (my monkey) mind.


Plot master.JPG