The magic of dream walking

I learned today that in some cultures, people believe that 'reality' is what happens in your dreams, and that waking consciousness is the non-important part that happens in between dream episodes.

It got me thinking about how much of what we reckon is 'real', is nothing more than a complicated fairytale that we have all agreed to believe.

Which means that we can choose to believe whatever stories we want to, really.

Of course, there would be consequences to changing your reality – just as there are consequences to living in the 'reality' that most of us see around us.

This painting was inspired by these ideas. I happened to be ruminating on this very sort of thing not long ago, while walking across Tower Bridge in London.

The figure's feet appear to be walking in a dream world, but as your eyes travel up the painting, the cityscape of London appears behind her.

It's turning around the idea of 'head in the clouds' – an accusation that was often levelled at me while I was at school. Maybe it's time to try 'feet in the clouds'.


Dream Walker

Dream Walker