The magic of the infinite spectrum

Years of slumping over a drawing desk or standing at an easel have given me some back trouble.

I went to see an osteopath who sent me away with a stack of exercises to do twice a day. To keep my mind occupied while bending and stretching, I listened to a TED talk that someone had posted on social media. It's by Anil Seth and is called,
'Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality'.

The basic gist, is that your brain doesn't actually know what's real or not – all it can do is take in the information delivered by your senses, and then come up with its best guess as to what it actually is that you're experiencing.

As a species, we have all agreed on what 'reality' is. We have taken a narrow parameter within the infinite spectrum of 'what is', and we have decided that we will function within these limits.

My hunch is that there is far more to be explored when it comes to 'what is'. Some people do this by taking drugs, or meditating.

I do it by engaging with art.

Maybe if I engaged in art intensely enough, I can change the reality of my back?!