The magic of illusion

Just a week and a half remains of my summer night job at the theatre.

I've always taken such huge inspiration from the stage, which is why I chose to study theatre design at college.

Drawn by the dazzling lights, the larger-than-life characters, the enlarged, projected emotions and the magical illusions that burn into the audiences' retinas from the stage.

Watching from the wings the other night, I was just thrilled by the fantasy effect of faces painted in white powder and glitter, illuminated by the lighting. Somehow, the 'real' world outside, of wet pavements, traffic jams and supermarket queues, just swirled away like water down a drain.

There's always something of the performer that goes into my drawings and paintings. Characters that, I feel, are aware of embodying something 'other', something larger than themselves. Which is interesting because I think when people are drawn to a particular piece of mine, I feel it's because they recognise something of themselves in the work. Which is, in my opinion, one of the most important reasons we need art – to help us to understand ourselves. 


The piece above, 'Bard', is available to purchase here. If you would like to have a print, please contact me here.