The Queen of Autumn

She came stealing in over the hill early one morning, just before dawn, bringing with her fire and frost.

One look from her amber coloured eyes was enough to send the ageing Summer gathering up her mantle of shining green leaves, and sweeping the cobalt blue from the sky, bundling it up under her arm.

And then she was gone, leaving Autumn to settle into the vacated throne. 

The new queen has breathed russet and gold into the trees, scattered conkers and acorns among the grasses, and peppered the hedgerows with brightly coloured berries. 

The air is crisp, the fruit has fallen, and the night crowds in a little earlier each day.

Tipping from one season into the next, we have a chance to recalibrate, refocus, and light ourselves up for the remaining months of the year.


Queen of Autumn.jpg