Brighton West Pier

Jagged edges

This was my lunchtime view yesterday

The old West Pier, which has been derelict since 1975 and was further destroyed by a fire in 2003, looks like a sculpture to me.

And, perceived as such, it is one of my ultimate favourite pieces of art. Many schemes for restoring the structure back to its former glory have been kicked about, but so far the money hasn't materialised.

However, I love the pier just as it is, as do many other people, I'm sure. This is simply another phase in the story of the building's lifetime.

Just as we will age and change, endure storms and pick up scars, so has the West Pier and this, in my opinion, makes it all the more magnificent.

I say, don't try to smooth out your jagged edges and hold onto the past. Rather, embrace your life experience, your wisdom, your uniqueness and the beauty of what you are becoming.