artist's block

Creative courage

I've been struggling with a bit of artist's block lately. 

It's always a little disconcerting when this happens.

You just have to exhale and act cool, and hope that your creative muse will think you're not too bothered. It's an exercise in trust, really – most artists will have found themselves dealing with this many times.

You just have to develop the faith that sooner or later, you will be moved back to your easel, your computer, or whatever your tool of choice happens to be.

There is a general sense that this is a 'dead' time of year, when business is slow, people are languishing in post holiday blues and the 'feel good factor' is in short supply.

But over the weekend, I happened to notice that there is evidence to the contrary.

Flowers, new shoots, and vibrant berries are parading themselves on the trees – defiant and victorious over wintery challenges. I thought, wow - they are so courageous.

And so, I came home and got out my paints and brushes.


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