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I discovered very early on that a pencil and a piece of paper could become the magical keys to a whole world of wonder. I've been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember – in fact, one of my earliest memories, from perhaps the age of around three, is of drawing a ballet dancer. She was wearing a tutu with endless layers of tulle, and I spent ages drawing in the faces of the audience watching her.


To this day, I always keep a pen and a sketchbook to hand. They are my talismans.


I sometimes feel that the characters who emerge in my paintings, hang around and pester me until I have rendered them in ink, paint or graphite. I couldn't really tell you where they come from, but I take inspiration from all kinds of places – for example, haute couture, street style, music, film, theatre, dance, architecture or nature. Sometimes I'll spot someone in a cafe, through a window or across the street, and I feel compelled to try and capture whatever it was that sparked my attention. It could be something about their energy, or the way they walk, or the way they are daydreaming.


My work has been collected all over the world, and I've had exhibitions in Manhattan New York, London, Zurich, Marbella, Berlin, Antwerp and Santa Barbara, California. It's been featured in two books, Imagemakers and The Big Book of Fashion Illustration, both published by Mitchell Beazley. Recent commissions include a ten-piece mural in central Brighton, UK.


I graduated from London’s Central Saint Martin’s College of Art with a degree in theatre design, and I then spent time living in both Berlin and New York City before moving to Sussex, UK, where I am currently based.

I work from a studio that overlooks a castle, and has a kitchen well-stocked with hot-chocolate.

If you have any queries, questions or quantum theories, feel free to get in touch.



When it comes to commissions, no two requests are the same, which means that the process for each commission is unique.People come to me with all kinds of ideas, dreams and stories. Some have a very clear vision about what they would like, while for others, there is some discovery work to do.

What sort of feeling or mood would you like your painting to inspire? What kind of energy would you like the piece to bring into your life? Is it joy, serenity, opulence, cheekiness... or more of a dangerous thrill?

While I don't create portraits with a photographic likeness, I will often work to create a piece that is inspired by a person's character, style or attitude. Perhaps you would like to gift a piece to a friend or loved one, or you would like a fabulous fantasy figure who sums up something meaningful to you. Perhaps a representation of your favourite city, or a character from your favourite opera?


'Some of the most original work I've seen'
Actor and writer John Cleese

Generally, I will begin by getting to know you a little better. We'll talk about your thoughts and ideas, and I will work with you to determine the character, setting and composition for your painting. Often I will email sketches of work in progress, or we can meet for consultations – it is very much a process of collaboration.

If this sounds intriguing to you, click the button below to request a free consultation, and we can take it from there...

'So many thanks again - it is really special. She had a few tears when I sent it to her. She will love and treasure this so dearly. Wow you are the most amazing and talented young woman. Feeling quite emotional.'
F. Alsop

'It's so good it's untrue... you are a weaver of magic and a genie who has made two little girls' dreams come true'
G. Sarmiento-Carr

'Pearl has a beautiful style of painting which is fantastic and enchanting. I know how busy she can get, so I was over the moon when Pearl was able to accept a commission from me. The process was very exciting as she took my seed of an idea and created something really quite wondrous. The end result is an incredible and magical painting that I know is a one-off and completely unique to me. It is probably one my most valuable and prized possessions'