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Pearl Bates’ stylised fantasy artwork comes from a world of dreams and enchantment, mixed with a touch of humour and lashings of glamour. Using paint, ink and pencil, she loves to celebrate what she calls 'the fabulous otherness' - those aspects of ourselves that don’t fit in with the norm. She fuses together a wide range of inspirations, including urban and natural environments, high fashion, street culture, music, film, dance and opera.

 Pearl studied Theatre Design at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, and spent time living in Berlin and New York City before returning to the UK, where she is currently based. Her work has been exhibited all over the world, including New York City, Santa Barbara California, Zurich, Antwerp, Marbella, Berlin and The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and features in two books - Imagemakers: Cutting Edge Fashion Illustration and The Big Book of Fashion Illustration, both published by Mitchell Beazley.